People in Wales were asked these questions about Vaughan Gething and this is what they said

Vaughan Gething
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images)

People in Wales are in overwhelming agreement about Vaughan Gething and the donations he used to bankroll himself into the position of First Minister. Exclusive polling for WalesOnline by Redfield & Wilton Strategies suggests that people in Wales are not impressed with decision by the First Minister to take the money from businessman David Neal who has multiple convictions for environmental offences.

Mr Gething took part of the £200,000 from Mr Neal's business on the same day he put in an application for a solar farm that would need Welsh Government approval. The same company was also give a £400,000 loan 11 months before from the Development Bank of Wales which Mr Gething was responsible for.

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Mr Gething has repeatedly said that no rules were broken and dismissed questions about it as not being "serious". Earlier this week it was confirmed the Labour Party would not be accepting the leftover money from the donations with one senior Labour MP saying they "wouldn't touch it".

The poll by Redfield & Wilton Strategies found 70% of those asked felt the money should be returned:

Only 9% of people polled disagreed that the money shouldn't be returned. Of those polled 38% felt he should resign over the issue.

There were similar levels of support into having an independent inquiry into Mr Gething accepting the donation as there were arguing he should give it back:

Mr Gething will be able to draw some small comfort from the fact that though 35% disapproved of his decision to sack minister Hannah Bythyn over alleged leaks compared to just 16% approving the figures suggest 50% of people were unaware of the story with 42% also not familiar with the story of him being accused of deleting WhatsApps relevant to the Covid inquiry.