People Wipe Feet on LGBT Flag During Polish Independence Day Celebrations in Warsaw

Celebrations for Poland’s Independence Day went ahead in Warsaw on November 11, despite a ban on the event from courts citing fears over violence from far-right nationalist participants.

News reports said Poland’s nationalist government gave the event the go-ahead in spite of the court’s ruling, in part spurred by the arrival of migrants at Poland’s border with Belarus.

Local media reported police estimated a crowd of 100,000 in Warsaw.

Footage filmed by attendee Iwona Oleksy shows people wiping their feet on an LGBT pride flag lying in front of the booth of the All-Poland Youth, a far-right nationalist group. The group livestreamed a video showing people purposely trodding on the flag.

Other footage filmed by Oleksy shows people carrying Polish flags, and police carrying several detainees into the metro in Warsaw.

Fewer than 10 people were detained, local reports said. Credit: Iwona Oleksy via Storyful

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