People's Vote Campaigner Praised For 'Demolishing' Argument Against Second Referendum

A campaigner interviewed at Saturday’s People’s Vote march in central London has been praised online for her “demolition” of an argument against a second Brexit referendum. 

The woman, identified only as Rachel, was interviewed by Sky News in Parliament Square where tens-of-thousands of people are believed to have gathered at the conclusion of the demonstration which called for a second vote on Brexit. 

When asked whether “you should just keep on having referendums until you get what you want?” she responded with a series of rhetorical questions directed towards the interviewer.

“Should we never have another general election?” she asked, ″Do we never play another World Cup?

“Seriously, that is just no argument whatsoever. Democracy is an ongoing process, it is not a one-off event.

“It happens, and it continues to happen, and when we know more we should be asked again.”

Continuing her argument, she described the 2016 referendum as “based on lies”, stating the vote “doesn’t deserve respect”. 

“You cannot have a referendum based on lies, binding in the way this one is supposedly being viewed as.

“We have to go back to the people. We know more now. People should want to vote when they know the issues – they should not want to vote when they have been lied to, and they should not want that vote respected. 

“It doesn’t deserve respect”. 

After being reposted on Twitter the clip quickly garnered a significant amount of attention from those in favour of a second referendum, being shared thousands of times. 

Twitter user @DougieMacM, who posted the original video, described the response as an “absolutely brilliant demolition” of the interviewer’s argument. 

The People’s Vote march took place as MPs sat in the Commons for a rare Saturday parliamentary session. 

MPs were expecting to vote on Boris Johnson’s withdrawal agreement, however the ballot was scuppered when the Letwin Amendment – which withholds approval of the deal until the legislation to enact is safely passed – was approved, much to the delight of the huge pro-Remain crowds outside parliament. 

The Benn Act was then triggered, forcing Johnson to send a letter to Brussels asking for a Brexit extension late on Saturday evening. 

It is not yet known whether the EU will approve another delay to the UK’s departure, and Johnson himself has insisted he will not negotiate an extension. 


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