How many students from your school take out loans?

Chris Wilson

A whopping 88 percent of students at the for-profit New England Institute of Art take out loans to cover the $33,104 annual price tag. At Oberlin College, where the net price per year is $34,797, only 40 percent of students have loans.

One might assume that Oberlin is merely more generous in allotting grants to its students. While 82 percent receive some form of grant or scholarship, which does need to be paid back, the $34,797 figure of attendance is calculated after subtracting those grants from the total cost of tuition, lodging, fees, books, and other expenses.

Every school that participates in the federal loan program reports figures like these to the Department of Education. The following interactive plots every school with at least 1,000 undergraduates by these two values: net cost of attendance after grants on the x axis and the percentage of students with loans on the y axis.