How I make perfect air fryer chips which are just like the ones my mum used to make

My air fryer chips and hot dogs
-Credit: (Image: LancsLive)

Air fryers are the fad that has turned into a staple.

Frozen food now comes adorned with air fryer cooking instructions while celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has even started showcasing their talents with his latest documentary. It seems there's nothing you can't cook in an air fryer and if there's one thing that air fryers do better than anything it's proper homemade chips.

What's more, they're incredibly easy to make, and they cost far less than the frozen variety. Compared to a couple of quid for a bag you can rustle up enough to feed a family-of-four for about 20p.


When I was growing up it was always a teatime treat when my mum made homemade chips. Back in those days chips were made by deep frying them - in my mum's case, using a pan of re-used oil which she would keep in a bottom cupboard in the kitchen.

The smell was unmistakable and the thin chips would always come out crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. They make the best chip butties and no shop-bought type can replicate the flavour or texture, no matter how many times the word 'crispy' is used in the name.

I'm not especially imaginative with my Ninja air fryer but one thing I use it for on a very regular basis is to make chips just like those my mum used to cook. Here's my recipe.


Potatoes (I work on a rough rule of one very large potato per person)

Olive oil



Peel the potatoes and slice them into chips (as thick or thin as you prefer)

Soak the chips in water for about 10 minutes

Drain the chips and pat them dry with a tea towel

Pour the chips into the air fryer drawer, drizzle with olive oil, shake and sprinkle with salt

Cook for around 20 minutes, shaking every five minutes