The perfect Christmas gifts based on their star sign

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Struggle for what to get someone for Christmas? Turn to their star sign! You can’t go far wrong if you follow the stars towards the interests and quirks of your favourite person. Let astrology help you pick the perfect gift for someone super special.


Adventure, thrills and excitement make Aries tick, so an actual EXPERIENCE rather than a physical gift works, or at least something for them to use during an experience. Get them vouchers for theme parks, aerial zip wires, white water rafting, orienteering with zombies, archery, Tough Mudder entry (they might not thank you for that, but they’ll certainly have a go at it.) Play to their active spirit.


You can’t go wrong with a culinary gift. Be it vouchers for the newest restaurant in town, a hamper of gourmet goodies, a new gadget they’ve been coveting, a vintage wine, tickets to a cooking class or festival, or just some fancy chocs; they’ll be content with any. The way to a Taurean’s heart is via their tum.


Gems love words and communication. They cut their teeth on verbal sparring, adore reading, love writing, and spend oodles of time listening to the radio / podcasts. So, you’ve got quite a bit to go at there: fancy stationery, channel subscriptions, digital or portable radio, posh headphones, new books, kindle, magazine subscription. Keep their active minds stimulated and entertained, that’s the key to a happy Gem.


Sentimental stuff makes Cancerians go all soppy and affectionate. So, something super thoughtful like a photo gift (of great pics of you together or of their family / pet / favourite places etc) is a great shout. Whether it’s a calendar, mug, album, book or framed print; Cancers are ~people people~ and their relationships are what they enjoy celebrating the most.


No other sign is as into their personal grooming, self-care and pampering as Leo. You can’t go wrong with anything that beautifies or relaxes them. So, if they’re into a certain salon, get them vouchers or an experience. Spa days never fail to delight. The latest makeup, fragrance or toiletry goodies also create big smiles. Leos love looking good, and they like the ~best of the best~ goodies to help them do that. Whatever you can splurge on, be it a nail varnish or a luxury weekend.


Practical, pragmatic Virgo is extremely likely to already have a list (even if only mentally) of things they need and want. So, it’s always wise to ASK a Virgo what they’ve been coveting recently and get that. Just let them pick it. Really, it’s what they want. If they demand a surprise then stick to something you know they’ll use, which is practical, even if it’s something for the home. They don’t like waste or frivolous ~rubbish~.


Ruled by Venus, Librans love beautiful things and gorgeous bits and bobs. Quality over quantity. So, head somewhere exclusive and unique and get them whatever is in your budget. Trust me. They’ll appreciate the gesture and the thought behind it. If you’ve got cash to spend, then tickets to something fancy or new will thrill them. They are social creatures who love to be seen ~on the scene~.


All Scorpios have a fascination with the underworld, the occult, the dark and dangerous underbelly of society. That might seem difficult to indulge in a gift, but bear with me. A tarot reading (with me!), a ghost walk or vigil, a prison escape room, a birth chart reading, the latest murder mystery novel, subscription to an ‘Unsolved Murders’ podcast, their own crystal ball… Whatever you can find that plays to the ~unknown~ side of life, trust me, they’ll love it.


Sagittarians love animals, travel, the great outdoors, and philosophy. So, this opens up the realms of behind the scenes or hands-on animal experiences, days or weekends away somewhere new and interesting, nature experiences, books, tickets to lectures or exhibitions. They have lively, enquiring minds and love to see and experience the world beyond their doorstep. Enable them to access that wider world, and they’ll know you ~get~ them.


Cold hard cash will never disappoint a Capricorn because they love money and always have something big in mind that they’re saving up for that they can put it towards. If that feels too ~callous~ then focus on things which have status - designer labels, coveted brands, exclusive one-offs, limited editions. It may sound shallow but Caps know the worth and value of everything, and they WILL check the price tag on gifts (secretly.)


The most intellectual and big-thinking sign of the zodiac. Aquarians are free thinkers and have global concerns and interests. Exhibitions, lectures, subscriptions, non-fiction books, unique experiences all excite them. They are also quite physical and love being outdoors in the open air, so events, festivals or challenges which get them active and excited will tick the box.


Pisceans love to feel cosy and safe, and will never turn down accessories which help them do that - oversize cardigans, giants bobble hats, mittens and scarves, hot water bottles, fluffy slippers, soft blankets, big cushions, heated bedding etc. They might even be partial to one of those wigwam-type tents that kids put up in the living room. They could hide in that, away from the cruel, harsh world!

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