'You are perfect, Glasgow': Holly Humberstone wows at SWG3 gig

'You are perfect, Glasgow': Holly Humberstone wows at SWG3 gig <i>(Image: Picture from Chuff Media)</i>
'You are perfect, Glasgow': Holly Humberstone wows at SWG3 gig (Image: Picture from Chuff Media)

Verdict: 4 out of 5 stars

Holly Humberstone couldn't get enough of the Glasgow crowd at her SWG3 gig on Tuesday night.

The rising indie-pop star branded the show as "the best evening", whilst fans danced and sang along to a one-hour-and-a-bit set.

The show comes as part of the Lincolnshire-raised singer's UK 2022 tour which includes stops in London, Manchester and Liverpool.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

The 22-year-old, who rose to fame in 2020 with her debut single Deep End, kicked off her Glasgow show with flashing lights and sounds before running on stage to belt out her hit, The Walls Are Way Too Thin.

If her job was to make the crowd want more before the first note was even struck, she succeeded.

Humberstone played her big hits, Overkill and Vanilla, as well as intimate showstoppers London is Lonely and Please Don't Leave Just Yet - each keeping the loud crowd singing, moving and hooked for more.

Her slight remixes of Scarlett and Falling Asleep at the Wheel proved the star's hand at better-than-record experimentation.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

In between her multi-instrumental performance, Humberstone reminisced on break-ups, family, childhood and her love for Glasgow.

She said: "I love this place, you guys are always so much fun. We're so excited to be here.

"Last time I was here I played King Tut's and now I'm here and there's f***ing loads of you, thank you so much."

The singer also added that she "can't wait to come back to Glasgow" midway through her performance.

Aside from immaculate live vocals, Humberstone's touring band are worth a mention.

From energetic drums to distorted, punchy guitar riffs, the three-piece was able to pack an extra punch to Humberstone's catchy lyrics.

Glasgow Times:
Glasgow Times:

With clapping hands, exclaims of love and roars of singing along, the show was a clear win-win for the Glasgow crowd, who roared for an encore.

A Holly Humberstone gig proves to be a rare place where big hits as well as ballads and completely new songs are crowd-pleasers.

After watching Humberstone live, it seems a record is only a small portion of her potential.