Perfect Timing - Photographer Captures Coincidences In Incredible Photo Series

Romanian photographer Denis Cherim has produced a series of photographs capturing common coincidences in a thought-provoking way. 

London-based Cherim aims to change the way we look at the world with his set of images, titled ‘Solo Para Locos’, challenging us to see the beauty in the everyday. 

He picks his shots by perfectly aligning objects, buildings, landmarks and animals until they combine in perfect harmony. 

Wheel In A Wheel

Two bicycle wheels align perfectly to make a double circle. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Half And Half

A forest of trees is half dyed by golden sunlight. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Sitting Duck

A patch of reflected light makes a duck sparkle. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)


The reflection of a wing mirror matches up perfectly with the landscape behind it. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Holding Up

A branch pokes into the belly of a grazing horse. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Taking Wing

A flying seagull makes a seaside fence looks as through it’s sprouted wings. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Lighting Up

A rising sun looks like it’s being transmitted from the branches of a gnarled tree. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Shaping Up

The spokes and wires of an electricity pylon align in a geometric shape. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Tunnel Vision

A thistle grows in the arch of a tunnel. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Follow The Sun

A shaft on sunlight looks like a path across a balcony. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Round The Bend

A tree’s branches look like they’re bending the bars of a fence in a London park (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Building Blocks

Tall wires mirror the shape of the building behind them. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Shady Character

A cat sits itself right in the head of a man’s shadow. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

From The Shadow

A fountain looks like it’s shooting water out of a lamp posts’s shadow. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

Shine A Light

The sun shines through the window of a rundown building, making it appear to be producing a bright flare of its own. (Solo Para Locos/Denis Cherim)

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