Persistent black bear doesn't give up in pursuit of bird feeder snack

A persistent black bear in Connecticut learned that determination and hard work pay off, at least when you are hungry for a snack from a bird feeder. In footage shot in the garden of a home in Canton, near Hartford, on 19 July, a hungry bear is seen repeatedly rocking a bird feeder back and forth. The feeder showers nuts and seeds down on the bear, but it continued with its shaking until an entire feeder fell to the ground and spilt open. At which point it stopped its vandalism and enjoyed its snack. The filmer said: "Black bears are attracted to my bird feeders. I have progressed from the first feeder on an aluminum pole to this setup that is two-inch iron pipe set in concrete. I had to add a foot of pipe when this one grew up. But today, he finally got a good rhythm and managed to shake one of the feeders off."

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