Personalised Gifts For The Ones You Love

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What says “I love and value you” more than a personalised Valentine’s Day gift?

If your beloved is always losing their toiletries bag, give them one with their name on it. If they’re unsure which hammer belongs to them, monogram their initials on one. If they’re always late, give them a personalised antique pocket watch. 

All this and more is attainable through the magic of internet shopping. Even better, we have looked far and wide and curated a special list of personalised gifts for men, women and a range of budgets, so you don’t have to. 

Monogram Clutch, Alphabet Bags, Etsy, £14.45 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Monogram Clutch, Alphabet Bags, Etsy, £14.45

If you know someone who likes carrying things and also their own name, then this is the perfect gift: a monogram clutch for them to put all their stuff in.  

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Sterling Silver Initial Monogram Necklace engraved with a hidden Secret Message on the reverse, Sally Clay, Etsy, £69

Put initials on the front of this stylish silver disc, but also include a romantic secret message on the back just for them to see. 

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Personalised Map Cufflinks, Posh Totty Designs, Etsy, £20

The makers behind this sweet gift find vintage maps of your chosen locations and make cuff links out of them. Perfect for someone who has double cuffs and a place that is important to them – maybe a birthplace, or the first city they made their home?

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Solid Oak Personalised Bookend, MijMoj Design, Etsy,  £34.95 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Solid Oak Personalised Bookend, MijMoj Design, Etsy,  £34.95

Is your better half obsessed with books? Get them a solid oak bookend with their name on it, or a secret message you want them to see every time they reach for a Penguin Classic. 

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Personalised Leather Toiletry Bag, Studio Tew, Etsy, £33.40 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Personalised Leather Toiletry Bag, Studio Tew, Etsy, £33.40

This is just what it says on the tin: a high quality brown leather toiletries bag with a word or name on the front. Classic, timeless, practical. 

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Woollen Throw Personalised with a Message Engraved on Leather Patch, Stabo, Etsy, £84

Who even thinks of a personalising a blanket? A genius, that’s who. Now you can give someone the gift of cosiness, with no tug of war on the sofa over whose blanket it is. 

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Personalised Bronze Pocket Watch, Wildlife Designs, Etsy, £30.62

For your eternally late or obsessively punctual friend or family member, this antique bronze pocket watch comes with – you guessed it – a personalised inscription. 

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Personalised Initials Custom Hard Phone Case, Tirita Case, Etsy, £7.20

Want someone to think of you every time they pick up their phone? Give them a personalised phone case, of course. These come in a frankly delightful selection of floral prints. 

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Iron Bowl with Personalised Message, Coach House Forge, Etsy, £54.50

Bet you didn’t have this on the shortlist of presents for anyone, but you’ll be glad you do now. It’s an iron bowl with an engraved message on the inside. Perfect for anyone who loves homeware, cooking and food.  

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Custom House Portrait, Peggy and Kate, Etsy, £53 (Photo: Huffington Post UK )

Custom House Portrait, Peggy and Kate, Etsy, £53

Send in a photograph of a house, or for that matter any significant or sentimental building, and this artist will create a beautiful watercolour version of it. 

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Personalised Pop Out Photo Album In Box, Oakdene Designs, Not On The High Street, £15

This one’s just a box full of memories. Choose which photos you’d like printed in this personalised pop out album and put your recipient’s name on it while you’re at it. 

Buy it now. 

Personalised Reversible Hooded Dressing Gown, Solesmith, via Not On The High Street, £28

Keep someone warm and snuggly, even when you’re apart. This personalised dressing gown is super soft and luxurious and comes with a hood and pockets.

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Personalised Natural Canvas Holdall, The Forest & Co, via Not On The High Street, £39

Once Christmas day is gone, people are going to need something to carry around all their new belongings in. Enter, this perfect canvas holdall with initials on the front. 

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