Bag snatcher tries to flee store, only to smash through window (but he STILL got away)

The mystery robber in Perth, Australia, tried to make his escape from a shopping centre - only to crash through a pane of glass he mistook for an open door.

This is the moment a bag snatcher fled a shopping mall - before running straight into a shop window as he tried to make his escape.

The mystery thief in Perth, Australia, was caught on camera sprinting from a shop after making off with a shopper's purse.

But in his haste to flee the crime scene, he mistakes a closed glass door as being open and slams straight through the window.

Escape: The robber sprints from the store after stealing a purse (ITN)

The criminal makes a dash for what he thinks is an open door (ITN)

Crash: The robber knocks himself out piling through the door (ITN)

The robber appears to temporarily knocked out after crashing through the pane of glass - but still somehow manages to make a getaway.

Bystanders at the Market Place Shopping Centre are seen on CCTV going to his aid completely unaware of the bag snatching.

A second man then appears from the car park and threatens the good samaritans to leave him alone, dragging the hapless thief away.

Both men eventually make off in a stolen green Lexus, which police say had been taken from a home in nearby Mirrabooka.

The criminals are described as dark-skinned, about 15 to 25 years of age, between 170cm to 180cm tall, slim build with dark coloured wavy hair.


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