Peru government proposes referendum to redraft constitution

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Peru's lawmakers launch new impeachment attempt as President Pedro Castillo seeks Cabinet confirmation, in Lima

(Reuters) - Peru's prime minister said on Monday the government will call for a referendum to propose redrafting the constitution, renewing a campaign proposal aimed at boosting the role of the state in the country's economy.

"We have submitted to congress a bill to amend the constitution with the purpose of calling a constitutional assembly to redact a new constitutional text," Anibal Torres said, adding the process is long and that people will decide if they should call for the assembly or not.

The government’s announcement renews a campaign promise from President Pedro Castillo that he had all but abandoned in office and comes at a moment when both he and the nation's congress are highly unpopular.

The move requires congressional support and is unlikely to be approved in the opposition-controlled legislature.

(Reporting by Carolina Pulice; Editing by Christian Plumb)

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