Pet rescued from Chinese dog meat trade meets Santa in Aylesbury

Dan Dan with Santa <i>(Image: NoToDogMeat)</i>
Dan Dan with Santa (Image: NoToDogMeat)

A visually impaired canine who was rescued from the Chinese dog meat trade met Santa Claus at Aylesbury's Friars Square Shopping Centre this weekend.

Known as Dan Dan, he was saved by the NoToDogMeat charity and adopted by Steven Males, now happily residing in Wendover with his new family.

Despite the traumatic past, Dan Dan is relishing his newfound safety and comfort.

Mr Males said: "We are so happy to be giving Dan Dan his new start, Wendover is the perfect place for any dog, and he's loving his new life of safety."

He expressed his gratitude to NoToDogMeat and shelter manager Anna Gan.

Bucks Free Press: Dan Dan
Bucks Free Press: Dan Dan

The three-year-old dog was taken in by the NoToDogMeat charity at its shelter in Beijing.

Often dogs rescued by the charity are sent abroad due to adoption hesitancy in China and regulations concerning canine size.

Dan Dan's journey mirrors another Wendover resident's, Debbie Hairy, who was the first dog brought to the UK by the charity in the summer.

The two dogs, introduced by their new families, have become steadfast companions.

Mr Males is ensuring Dan Dan has a joyful festive season.

He said: "When we saw the Santa grotto in Friars Square we couldn't resist giving Dan Dan the opportunity to meet him.

"He's going to have such a wonderful Christmas here with us and will be spoiled for the rest of his life."

The NoToDogMeat charity, created by London lawyer Julia de Cadenet in 2009, strives to prevent the mistreatment of dogs and cats in the meat trade.

The organisation currently operates two sanctuaries in Beijing and Hebei, providing shelter for approximately 750 dogs.