Pet Siamese, 34, could be the oldest living cat in the world

A 34-year-old pet Siamese in Thailand could be the oldest living cat in the world. The brown moggie named Grandma Wad was adopted by locals after a stray cat had given birth to it in Chanthaburi province in 1987. The Guinness World Records holder for the oldest cat that lived was Creme Puff from Austin, Texas, which passed away at 38-years-old. Grandma Wad, who is still alive and well, could take the record after confirmation. Pet owner Wanna Kodkarisa, 57, said the cat has never shown any signs of serious physical illness although she can only eat soft food now due to her weakened teeth. She said: ‘Her back legs were bitten by dogs twice a few years ago. She had injuries on her bones which were still noticeable. However, she has remained healthy all of these years. ‘We noticed that Grandma Wad has become a little bit more forgetful now that she’s old and her teeth can no longer withstand hard food but she doesn’t show any sign of illness.’ Wanna claimed her family adopted the old moggie 34 years ago, or 160 cat years, when she was still a kitten after a stray cat gave birth in front of their house. She added that the Grandma Wad’s sibling had already passed away and she has even outlived all of her mates and own kittens. The moggy has continued to age through the years with a healthy body. Wanna said: ‘A pregnant street cat gave birth to two kittens in front of my house in 1987. One of them was Grandma Wad. ‘She was energetic when she was young and always ran around my fruit farm trying to catching small animals. She’s kind and playful but can turn into a beast when someone tries to mess with her.’ To keep the animal healthy, Wanna makes sure that they regularly visits the vets for check-ups so she can keep her beloved feline healthy for as long as possible. She said: ‘Grandma Wad has been with me since I was young and I hope to spend more time with her, so I make sure that she’s healthy by regularly visiting the vets and feeding her good food.’