Pete Doherty caught with bag of heroin at Swiss-Italian border

Pete Doherty has been caught trying to smuggle heroin into Italy.

The 38-year-old singer was driving from Switzerland when police stopped him at the border at Chiasso several weeks ago in July, according to Swiss newspaper Corriere del Ticino.

Officers from Italy’s Guardia di Finanza law enforcement agency found a gram of heroin and half a gram of another opiate in his vehicle.

He was also reportedly not in possession of a valid driving licence, and was let off with a fine because the police believed the drugs were for personal use and not for sale.

The star – who has a 14-year-old son called Astille and a five-year-old daughter called Aisling – entered rehab for drug and alcohol addiction in 2015.

In an interview with NME in 2016, it was reported that Doherty has been living a ‘nomad’ life since leaving London for Europe in 2009 in a bid to kick drugs, and he ‘sets up shop anywhere and everywhere’ thanks to his and girlfriend Katia’s beaten-up ’80s camper van.

Last year, he released his first solo album in seven years, titled ‘Hamburg Demonstrations’.


The LP was worked on in Hamburg, Germany after Doherty moved there for six months to make the record at the Clouds Hill Recordings studio, which he fell in love with.

On the album is a tribute to his close friend Amy Winehouse, a reworked version of ‘Flags Of The Old Regime’, which has now been re-titled as ‘Flags From The Old Regime’.

In 2003 when he was sentenced to six months in prison after breaking into The Libertines bandmate Carl Barat’s flat and stealing items including a guitar and a laptop computer.

However, the pair reconciled and they are set to go on tour together later this year.


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