Peter Andre's wife Emily shares rare snap of kids as she takes swipe at 'vile' trolls

Peter Andres wife Emily shares very rare picture of her three children on hectic school run
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Emily Andre has offered a candid look at her family life with a rare photograph of the school run chaos. The snapshot, posted by Emily, captures her husband Peter leading their two older children to school, while simultaneously pushing their youngest, Arabella, in her pram.

Amelia, who is 10, confidently strides ahead with her backpack and water bottle, as Peter juggles an additional two bags and seven year old Theo forges on in front. To shield her children from online vitriol, Emily consistently keeps their faces hidden on social media.

Determined to protect them from cruel remarks about their appearance, she has pledged to maintain their privacy, especially after past incidents where trolls targeted her kids' looks. She's adamant about keeping them out of the limelight to safeguard them from such negativity.

In her post from Thursday 4 July, Emily also reflected on the significance of voting, tying it into her morning routine. "Multitasking today, voting on the school run! Made me think about how many years it is until our kids will be allowed to vote, and therefore how important it is that we represent them with our choices and try to make the country the best place it can be for them, now and in the future," she wrote, reports the Mirror.

Her followers resonated with her message, sharing their own voting stories. One commented: "I took my boys and talked them through it, my 8 year old was gutted not to be allowed to join in," and another remarked on the importance of making informed decisions for the sake of future generations, as reported by OK! magazine.

Emily's followers were quick to comment on the adorable snapshot of her family life. One fan gushed, "Just love this photo. At the weekend @peterandre is singing on stage to thousands of people and here he is doing the school run, like any other normal family," Another chimed in about Peter's load, jesting, "I think there needs to be a little bit more bag carrying delegation," while a third shared their amusement: "It did tickle me how Amelia is carrying her own school bag and Theo has got his dad to carry his! ".

Emily, who balances her career as an NHS doctor with family life, and pop star Peter recently welcomed their latest addition, baby Arabella, born in Taunton, three months ago, sharing the joyous arrival on social media. Peter, brimming with pride, posted photos of himself and Emily with their newborn daughter moments after her birth, captioning it: "Just minutes old......We feel so overwhelmed right now. So happy to welcome our beautiful girl to the family."