Peter Clement: Barrister feared dead after going missing hiking in Seychelles

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Retired barrister is thought to have died while hiking in the jungle of a tropical island in the Seychelles ( )
Retired barrister is thought to have died while hiking in the jungle of a tropical island in the Seychelles ( )

A top British barrister is presumed dead after he disappeared while hiking through the jungle in the Seychelles while celebrating his retirement.

Peter Clement, 57, went missing after setting off on a 12-mile hike along the mountainous Grande Barbe trail on May 15, sparking an extensive search by local police, the coast guard, and the army.

However the three-week hunt on Silhouette Island returned no trace of the barrister and has now been called off, with police admitting severe weather means it is increasingly unlikely he will be found alive.

All of Mr Clement’s travel documents and possessions were found in his room at the Labriz Hilton Hotel.

His Chambers, 2 Harcourt Buildings, said in a statement on its website: “It is with deep shock and sadness that we must announce the loss of our dear friend, colleague, and former Head of Chambers, Peter Clement.

“He had recently retired after an illustrious career at the Criminal Bar, practising from 2 Harcourt Buildings for over 30 years.

“Before joining Chambers, he was a Captain in the Army Legal Service and served in Northern Ireland.  He was much loved and respected by everyone in Chambers and also amongst his many friends at the Criminal Bar.

“He will be deeply missed.”

Matthew Scott, a barrister at Pump Court Chambers, described Mr Clement as a “fine advocate and a man it was impossible not to like”.

And Edward Henry QC, from Mountford Chambers, paid tribute, saying: “Peter was gentle, kind, unassuming, undeservedly modest (in his own estimation of his talent) and completely outstanding. He shall be missed, with that aching sense of loss and incomprehension as to why this befell him, by all who loved and admired him. RIP dear Peter.”

The Foreign Office is understood to be supporting Mr Clement’s family and helping to liaise with the local authorities in The Seychelles.

The trail he was on when bad weather set in is known for slippery and unmarked paths, with some experts walkers should be accompanied and supplied with GPS trackers.

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