Peter Kay donates £14,000 to children's charity to represent sold out gig

Comedian Peter Kay will donate £14,000 to children's charities for Christmas. (PA) <i>(Image: PA)</i>
Comedian Peter Kay will donate £14,000 to children's charities for Christmas. (PA) (Image: PA)

Comedian and star of Phoenix Nights Peter Kay has announced his plans to donate £14,000 to children's charity for Christmas.

The amount represents £1 for every fan at his sold-out London O2 Arena show. 

Kay told fans in the crowd the exciting news as he appeared wearing a Santa costume saying: "I was coming down on the way here and I thought what we should do because it’s Christmas" according to The Mirror.

“I think Christmas is about doing good things for other people so we’re gonna take a pound off each of you.

"I’m going to put it in a children's charity and I was looking at my phone on the way down and I found one called Action for Children.

"They do a Secret Santa and it seems really lovely. There’s 14,000 people here, so if I take a pound that’s £14,000 for children on your behalf. So thanks!”

A representative for Action for Children, Locks Farmer said: "This is such fantastic news – a huge thank you to Peter Kay."

Kay recently announced he was adding more dates to his 'Better Late Than Never Tour' which has dates until 2025.

The comedian last toured in 2010 which became the highest-selling comedy tour of all time after selling 1.2 million tickets.

After kicking off his tour in Manchester on December 2, the Bolton comedian made a request to fans.

Aware that many fans would most likely have a mobile phone with them, Kay asked that they wouldn’t film any of his show, Lad Bible reports.

He said: “Let’s just live in the moment and not spoil it for other people.”