Peter Laviolette drops F-bomb during pre-game speech, NBC airs it anyways (Video)

Pittsburgh Penguins fans react behind Nashville Predators head coach Peter Laviolette and the Predators’ bench after a goal was disallowed during the first period. (Gene J. Puskar/AP)

When a coach delivers one of his fiery pre-game speeches, you know full well he’s going to sprinkle in some adult language. It’s locker-room talk 101.

Apparently NBC forgot about this when they let an F-bomb from Predators coach Peter Laviolette make it to air ahead of Game 1.

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Here’s the clip from the NBC broadcast:

Warning: NSFW language

Pretty tame by NHL standards, but still not something you expect to hear go blatantly uncensored on network television.

They ended up apologizing for the blunder shortly after, but the damage had already been done. How dare NBC expose all those innocent children who tuned in to watch a sport where bare-knuckle punching your opponent in the face is perfectly acceptable to such abhorrent language.

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