Peter threatens to murder Billy on Christmas Day

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Hour-long episode

Determined to take his revenge, Peter has Billy in the boot of his car on some waste ground. Peter reverses his car right up to the edge of a cliff and opens the boot.

Peter tells Billy that he's going to let the car roll backwards off the cliff, as revenge for Susan's death. How far will things go between the two men?

Meanwhile, Carla returns to the Street but makes it clear that she hasn't changed her mind about the factory. Johnny tells Carla that Aidan stands a good chance of making a go of the factory, so she takes her brother to one side. Has she had a change of heart?

Elsewhere, Tracy receives a text from Steve saying last night was a big mistake. Steve knows nothing about the text and when Amy tells her mum that a reunion with Steve is a bad idea, Tracy puts two and two together.

Also today, Brian is arrested for letting himself into Dev's to leave a peace offering for Asha. Things go from bad to worse when he punches a drunk man at the station for insulting Cathy.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

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