Petition against second Scottish independence referendum reaches 113,000 signatures

Helena Horton
After 100,000 signatures, the Government has to consider the petition for a debate - UK Government and Parliament

A petition saying a second Scottish Independence referendum "should not be allowed to happen" has reached 113,000 signatures.

The petition, on the Government's official website, could put a spanner in the works for Nicola Sturgeon, as it is growing by the minute.

It has reached the 100,000 signature threshold and now the Government must consider it for a debate.

It says: "Another Scottish independence referendum should not be allowed to happen.

"We in Scotland are fed up of persecution by the SNP leader who is solely intent on getting independence at any cost. As a result, Scotland is suffering hugely."

Despite the fact people from across the UK can sign the petition, it is by far the most popular in Scotland.

The petition is very popular in Scotland Credit: UK Government and Parliament

Alex Salmond's constituency has one of the highest volumes of signatures.

1,778 people in the former leader of the SNP's constituency have signed the petition.

This comes as the majority of Scottish voters wish to remain in the British union, despite Nicola Sturgeon's latest demands for a Scottish referendum, according to the latest polling from YouGov.

Some 57 per cent of Scots would vote No in an independence referendum, according to the poll, although younger people aged 18-24 were overwhelmingly in favour of independence.