'All' petrol and diesel drivers in England given 'five year' warning

ALL petrol and diesel drivers have been issued a five-year warning as the new Labour Party government brings forward the ban on traditional engines to 2030. The Labour Party government plans to toughen up the UK approach to electric vehicles, by bringing forward a ban on the sale of new petrol cars from 2035 to 2030 (undoing a delay announced by Rishi Sunak and the Conservatives).

Labour’s manifesto says: “We will fix an additional one million potholes across England in each year of the next parliament, funded by deferring the A27 bypass, which is poor value for money. Labour will further support drivers by tackling the soaring cost of car insurance.

"And, as set out in our automotive sector plan, Labour will support the transition to electric vehicles by accelerating the roll out of charge points, giving certainty to manufacturers by restoring the phase-out date of 2030 for new cars with internal combustion engines, and supporting buyers of second-hand electric cars by standardising the information supplied on the condition of batteries.”

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Steve Rodell, managing director for leisure and retail at Christie, said as much: “In my opinion it’s simply unachievable and Labour could end up with egg on their face. Vauxhall (manufacture in Luton & Ellesmere Port) said publicly the 2035 ban was already impossible to meet.

“The EV market share was just 16% in the first five months of 2024. Demand is not there. The majority of drivers don’t want them. A What Car poll result said 44% of respondents don’t want them, 22% said they do. This is likely to be significantly down to the cost of purchasing and fuelling (either at home or on the move).

“Labour claim they will help second-hand buyers install chargepoints – but there are no details. Even if they do this the grid cannot cope with supplying power for a significant shift to EVs.” Rodell went on to say: "The forecourt sector is already seeing significant investment in alternative revenue streams such as foodservice and valeting. It is well placed for the energy transition. So until the detail of Labours policies are published or laws imposed, it is difficult to comment further.”