'All' petrol and diesel drivers warned to fill up immediately before rule change

Petrol and diesel drivers have been warned over huge increases in fuel duty under the new Labour Party government. Drivers who fill up at Texaco, BP, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Esso, Asda, Shell and Morrisons garages have been warned over fuel duty hikes.

Road experts and travel groups are calling on Sir Keir Starmer and the new Labour Party government to act after it failed to mention fuel duty in its manifesto before winning the General Election over the Conservative Party.

In the wake of the calls, Sir Keir has moved to tell GB News that it would be taken as a budget-by-budget issue.- Paul Hollick, chair of the Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP), said: "Uncertainty over fuel duty would be a worry for some fleets.

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“Shadow chancellor Rachel Reeves has also refused to rule out future increases, although there was no mention in Labour’s manifesto document. At a point in time when company transport budgets are very much under pressure, any increase will be very much unwelcome."

Simon Williams, head of policy for the RAC, said: "There are some clear quick wins the new Government can take advantage of, should it choose to." He highlighted the recently legislated PumpWatch fuel price checker, saying that this scheme must be introduced quickly.

During the Sky News' leader debate Starmer avoided directly answering whether a Labour Government would increase fuel duty. When pressed on the fuel duty for a second time he reverted to his track record on the matter.

Starmer said he'd supported a freeze 'every single time it has come up' but that 'fuel duty will have to be decided budget by budget'. Leading up to the election, Shadow Secretary of State for Transport Louise Hague told Auto Express: "On fuel duty – we want lower taxes on working people, which is why we've always campaigned against fuel duty rises in this Parliament.

"Nothing in our plans requires us to raise any additional money beyond measures already announced."