New petrol and diesel rules for millions of UK drivers living in 'rural areas'

Major fuel duty changes could launch under new plans to help rural petrol and diesel drivers save at the pumps. The Liberal Democrats have pledged to back drivers living in rural areas by slashing fuel duty rates and providing extra help to those struggling with the cost of motoring.

The Lib Dems would oversee a significant expansion of the Rural Fuel Duty Relief to 20 new areas, the manifesto states. As part of this, drivers in 20 areas across the UK would benefit from further cuts to fuel duty, saving motorists around 5p a litre at the pump.

The Rural Fuel Duty Relief gives support to motorists by compensating fuel retailers in some rural areas with high road fuel prices. Other fuel users of full duty petrol and diesel can also claim this relief. The rural areas were chosen because, before the scheme was introduced, pump prices in those areas were much higher than the UK average.

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The remoteness of those areas leads to high fuel transport costs from refinery to filling station and relatively low sales means that these fuel retailers cannot benefit from bulk discounts on their fuel purchases.

Sir Ed Davey, said: “People in rural areas have been clobbered by the cost of living crisis and the Conservatives have just not done enough to support them. We need a real rescue plan to support rural communities struggling with outrageous pump prices. The Conservatives have let the cost of living crisis hit rural communities hard.

"They have ignored Liberal Democrat calls to expand rural fuel duty relief, left roads to crumble and cut public transport options, including rural bus routes." He also went on and claimed the Lib Dems would stand up for rural communities which had been blighted by "chaos and neglect" at the hands of the Conservatives.