Pumps are filling up again but London’s fuel levels are half of Scotland’s, figures reveal

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Fuel stock levels at Britain’s filling stations recovered to an average of 25% at the end of last week, new figures show (Andrew Matthews/PA) (PA Wire)
Fuel stock levels at Britain’s filling stations recovered to an average of 25% at the end of last week, new figures show (Andrew Matthews/PA) (PA Wire)

Stock levels at Britain’s petrol stations recovered to an average of 25 per cent on Sunday, new figures show.

But there was “significant regional variation” ranging from just 16 per cent on average in the South East to 35 per cent in Scotland the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) said.

Average stock levels sank to a low of 15 per cent on Saturday, September 25, the day after panic buying began.

The figures show how full petrol station storage tanks are at the end of each day.

Tanks were typically around 33 per cent full before the crisis began.

On Friday, September 24, fuel sales were up 80 per cent compared with normal levels.

 (Press Association Images)
(Press Association Images)

Sales remained “substantially above” average until the middle of the following week when they “began to trend back to normal levels”, BEIS added.

The amount of fuel delivered to petrol stations was ramped up following shortages.

The average amount increased from around 16,000 litres a day per filling station before the crisis to a high of 22,700 litres on Tuesday, September 28.

Gordon Balmer, executive director of the Petrol Retailers Association, said on Wednesday that 13 per cent of independent filling stations in London and the South East still do not have fuel.

He warned: “This is leaving some motorists continuing to feel insecure about fuel availability at their local neighbourhood filling stations.

 (PA Wire)
(PA Wire)

“Independent forecourts report a complete lack of visibility as to when their next delivery might arrive, and some have been dry for four days and still waiting for a delivery.”

Mr Balmer claimed attempts by the Government to deal with the crisis – such as deploying members of the armed forces to help deliver fuel – have only had “limited success” in London and the South East.

He added: “Much more attention on this issue affecting this region is urgently needed.”

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RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said shortages have been “most keenly felt by smaller retailers who don’t tend to buy fuel as frequently”.

He added: “Following the recent rush on the pumps, the vast majority of retailers needed to replenish their stocks at the same time which put enormous stress on supply chains.”

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