Phantom of the 'Opurra': Cat Gains Fans Online for Resemblance to Beloved Broadway Character

A cat in California that bears resemblance to the iconic titular character from The Phantom of the Opera is delighting people online with his adorable antics.

Erin Shubin’s cat Ashfur – who is fully black aside from one half of his face, which is white – piqued interest after Shubin started posting videos on her @phantomoftheopurra TikTok account.

One of her most recent posts, which features Ashfur going about his business as music from the musical plays, racked up an impressive 2.2 million views.

Shubin told Storyful that when he was first born Ashfur had a fever coat, but that his face was completely black.

“Eventually he went fully black, but due to vitiligo he has the half-white face that is now seen,” she said. She added that one-year-old Ashfur is a “loving cat to his humans,” but is a “bit of a jerk to his cat siblings.” Credit: Erin Shubin via Storyful

Video transcript


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