From Pharrell’s chin plaster to glitter: this week’s fashion trends

Photograph: Getty Images

Going up

Pharrell’s chin plaster It’s back! Previously seen in Mickey Mouse print in 2014, the face accessory returned in muted tones for Diddy’s birthday party.

Draping “Draped” blush – aka contouring with blusher – is a major 2020 trend, according to Vogue.

Worn out clothes Not bobbling and moth holes, but the Worn Out Project, which turns “cast-offs into one-offs”.

Not-just-wedding dresses Kitri bridalwear launches tomorrow, with clothes for the aisle and beyond. Expect enviable sleeves.

Mariah Carey: glitter bug. Photograph: Getty Images

The Mariah Memoirs We’re skipping straight to “the debacle that was Glitter” (her words, not ours).

Going down

New decade, new you The pressure is real, and resolutions a distant memory.

Clean-shaven Succession Is Jeremy Strong the new Jared Leto? Judging by his bearded smoulder in Entertainment Weekly, we think he might be.

Boob cages Removed from JW Anderson SS20 dresses when worn by Saoirse Ronan and Tracee Ellis Ross. Fair.

Glitter (Not the Mariah movie) Replaced by face stickers. Wear like eyeshadow, or freckles, or even acne.

Billie Eilish: roots manoeuvre. Photograph: WireImage

Root cover-ups We miss Billie Eilish’s green parting, and now “rooted beige” is the low-key version having a moment. Ideal for a post-Christmas bank balance.