9 Best #PhelpsFace As Rio Olympics 2016 Gets Its Best Meme So Far

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Article originally published 09/08/2016: due to a technical issue this article may have resurfaced for some readers, and the original publish date may not have been visible.

On Monday, US Olympic swimming legend Michael Phelps became a social media legend thanks to #PhelpsFace.

The US star was preparing for the men’s 200m butterfly semi-final when his main rival, South African swimmer Chad le Clos, disrupted his concentration.

A meme was born. Here are nine of the best

1. Grammar face

2. Unhappy cat face

3. Alanis face

4. Babyface

5. 2016 face

6. Manners face

7. Vader face

8. US election face

9. Olympics sexism face


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