Phil Collins is ‘much more immobile than he used to be’, says Genesis’ Mike Rutherford in health update

Mike Rutherford has updated fans on Phil Collins’s health after the legendary drummer retired from playing with Genesis.

Collins suffered a spinal injury in 2007 and has struggled to perform in recent years, appearing on stage in a wheelchair to sing and play the tambourine during his last ever Genesis show in March 2022.

On Thursday (9 March), his former bandmate, Rutherford, appeared on BBC Breakfast to discuss going on tour with Mike + the Mechanics, during which Collins’ son Nic will be filling in for the band’s regular drummer.

Speaking about Collins’ condition, Rutherford said: “As you know, Phil is a bit... He’s much more immobile than he used to be, which is a shame, but at the tour, he was in good spirits.

“He’s fine now at home, enjoying life. He’s worked so hard over the years. I think he’s enjoying his time at home.”

Asked who was the stronger drummer of the pair, Rutherford replied: “I always support the dads because I’m this generation. Phil’s the most amazing drummer, but Nic is fantastic too. Like his dad, but a bit different.”

During the final Genesis tour dates last year, Nic also replaced his father on the drums, with Rutherford adding that “it was really nice to have the two of them side by side”.

Collins on stage with Genesis in 2021 (Getty Images)
Collins on stage with Genesis in 2021 (Getty Images)

Following his injury in 2007, Collins was left with damaged vertebrae in his upper neck and lasting nerve damage.

The 72-year-old is unable to play drums and has to walk with a stick, saying in September 2021: “I can barely hold a stick with this hand. So there are certain physical things that get in the way.

“I’m kind of physically challenged a bit, which is very frustrating because I’d love to be playing up there with my son,” he added.