Phil Daniels rules himself out of Quadrophenia sequel: ‘It’s not happening with me’

Emma Powell
'Not happening': Phil Daniels will not be in a sequel: PA

Phil Daniels has ruled himself out of starring in the proposed Quadrophenia sequel.

Daniels, who played angst-ridden Mod Jimmy Cooper in the 1979 hit, was rumoured to be on board with the new film, titled To Be Someone, but has now shut down any involvement.

Speaking to the Standard he said: “It’s not happening with me, not what’s being proposed at the moment.”

But Daniels said he wouldn’t rule out a return to the character if producer Bill Curbishley wanted to work on a follow-up.

Scoot over: Leslie Ash with Phil Daniels in Quadrophenia

“Bill Curbishley if you’re out there and you really want to do it, let’s do it,” he said. “I’d be happy to think about it.”

Daniels – who is starring in the Hatton Garden Job – joked: “We could do an ‘old diamonds’ Quadrophenia.”

Curbishley previously branded the “karaoke sequel… totally ridiculous” and said a follow-up should only be made “by the authors of the original and would need to be worthy of the name”.

Directed by Franc Roddam, Quadrophenia was based on The Who’s 1973 album and rock opera of the same name – but frontman Roger Daltrey made it clear that the band have not endorsed the new project.

“It’s irrelevant, it’s f****** irrelevant,” Daltrey told NME. “It’s got no meaning at all. Quadrophenia was a moment in time. That’s the whole idea of it. I find all of the other things done to Quadrophenia, apart from the original album and when The Who played it on stage, to be a no no. They just don’t mean anything, what’s the point?”

He continued: “The film captured the moment in time. They’ve taken the rock out of Quadrophenia and made some complete nonsense from it.”