Philadelphia Demonstrators Push Back Against President Trump's Call to 'Stop the Count'

Demonstrators rallying for Pennsylvania officials to “count every vote” gathered in Philadelphia as Donald Trump’s campaign fought for closer access to monitor ballot counting on Thursday, November 5, local media reported.

A Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court judge on Thursday “ordered that canvassing monitors be granted access to observe ‘all aspects’ of the process from no more than six feet away,” The Philadelphia Inquirer reported. Trump’s ballot monitors previously made complaints that they were kept too far from the counting process to “meaningfully ensure the validity of the ballots being counted,” reports said.

Ballot counting was temporarily halted as election officials worked to accommodate the Commonwealth Court order on Thursday. The Inquirer reported that Philadelphia officials appealed the ruling to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, but it’s unclear if the case will be considered.

Multiple groups of protesters gathered in Philadelphia on Thursday morning. Local media said some participated in a “Count Every Vote” demonstration and others rallied for officials to “Stop the Count,” a phrase taken up by Trump.

Marisa Jones shared this footage from Philadelphia on Thursday afternoon as demonstrators holding “Count Every Vote” signs danced outside Reading Terminal Market, across the street from the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Credit: Marisa Jones via Storyful