Philadelphians Share '500-Foot' Cheesesteak for Restaurant Owner's Birthday

Birthday celebrations for a South Philadelphia restaurant owner were marked with a 500-foot cheesesteak on May 24.

NBC Philadelphia reported that the idea came about while Geno Vento, owner of Geno’s Steaks, was dining with the birthday boy, and owner of Rim Cafe, Rene Kobeitri.

“One of the friends at the table said, ‘why not a big cheesesteak?’, and his motor started going and before you know it, we’re making a 500-foot cheesesteak,” Vento told NBC.

The giant cheesesteak stretched over tables running more than two blocks along 9th Street in the south city, as a number of chefs from nearby restaurants were enlisted to help.

Philadelphia man Hugh E Dillon was in attendance, capturing footage of the event. He told Storyful that each year Kobeitri throws a party in front of his cafe for his birthday, but this year was “extra special”.

“At 7 pm a priest blessed the food, and then eating and dancing in the streets commenced,” Dillon told Storyful. Credit: Hugh E Dillon via Storyful

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