How Philip used to boost the Queen with compliments

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The Duke of Edinburgh was a “heaven-sent consort” for the Queen because he would boost her ego by telling her how lovely she looked on their way to engagements, a former lady-in-waiting has said.

Lady Prudence Penn told of Philip’s support for his wife in Tatler magazine’s July edition, which celebrates the life of the duke, who died last month aged 99.

Lady Penn, a former lady-in-waiting to the Queen Mother, said: “I loved the way he would boost the Queen’s ego by telling her how lovely she looked on their way to an engagement.

The July edition of Tatler
The July edition of Tatler (Tatler/PA)

“He knew how to bring the best out of a woman, and I am sure his advice and encouragement to her were paramount in their relationship.

“To my mind, the Duke of Edinburgh was a heaven-sent consort for Her Majesty in every way.”

She described Philip as one of the most practical men she had ever met and how, when she broke her leg jumping off a wall, he wanted to inspect the scene of the accident to show her how she should have handled the situation better.

Lady Penn said Philip told her: “Never launch yourself off a high wall, turn around to face it holding the top and lower yourself with your hands.”

She added: “With hindsight, of course, he was right.”

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