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This popular Philips air fryer just dropped to $90 — save 50%

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air fryer
Your new sous chef is here. (Photo: Amazon)

Who says you need to cook your favorite fried foods in oil to get that crispy texture you love? Air fryers use much less oil than traditional frying. They circulate super hot air to create that crispy, crunchy outcome we all adore, but using just a few tablespoons of oil. Have you decided to get smart and join the air-fryer revolution? Here's your chance: Amazon has slashed the price of popular Philips Essential Digital Air Fryer — is down to $90 (50% off).

Philips Kitchen Appliances
This four-liter air fryer has room to whip up four portions at once.
$90 at Amazon

This Philips air fryer offers a four-liter capacity to help you whip up fries, wings and more with the touch of a button. It also grills, roasts, bakes and reheats, and it features a digital touch screen with seven presets to make cooking a breeze.

"This is a great air fryer for two," raved a satisfied shopper. "I can fit most of our food that I want to air fry for a meal in one air fry session. It's really easy to clean and does a great job with fish, fries, shrimp, chicken, vegetables and more. It doesn't take up a lot of room on the counter either. I use it almost every day."

Not only can you make crispy french fries at home, but you can also cook the burgers to go with the fries!

"It is great for cooking hamburgers quickly with almost no preparation, draining the grease as it cooks," shared a five-star fan. "Easy to make rare or medium rare because it cooks the surface faster than the interior. Heats up leftovers in 3 or 4 minutes like French fries and makes them crispy again. Easy to clean. I love it."

Still on the fence? One reviewer who calls it their new best friend, says "I genuinely did not know I could love an appliance the way I love this air fryer. I have basically been using it every day, and it has changed my life for the better. I am super lazy and strive to never make meals that take more than 15 minutes to cook. With my new Philips air fryer, I can cook basically anything in under that timeframe and it will come out deliciously. This has been a game changer."

Philips Kitchen Appliances
This four-liter air fryer has room to whip up four portions at once.
$90 at Amazon

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