Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby donate £5000 to special education school

Amy West
Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield donated £5,000 of their own money to Catcote Academy in today's episode (ITV)

To mark their last show before they take a two-month break over the summer, This Morning hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby donated £5,000 of their own money to Catcote Academy in Hartlepool in today’s episode.

The school - which caters to children with moderate to severe learning difficulties - has been trying to raise money for drama supplies, as performing arts can really help students who struggle with communication build confidence.

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In order to spread awareness of their campaign, teacher Rick Kitson suggested the school create their own lip dub videos after stumbling across the American sensation online.

The Academy soon knocked up lip synced renditions of popular songs like This is Me from The Greatest Showman and Katy Perry’s Roar - and the videos went viral.

“I think they just represent us and our students so well,” Kiston said of the songs they choice to perform. “You know, a lot of people that don’t know might think that special schools are quite sad places to work, but really they’re so happy and joyous.

“We wanted to share that with the world and they’re empowering and it’s about the kids being resilient.”

Headteacher Alan Chapman initially set a target of £5,000 and when This Morning’s Dr. Ranj Singh travelled to the school on Friday 12 July, it had raised around £1,500.

Dr. Ranj Singh interviewed teachers at the Catcote Academy in Hartlepool in today's episode of 'This Morning' (ITV)

So when Schofield and Willoughby announced that not only were This Morning’s cast and crew going to make up the difference, but that they’d also donated a further £5,000 between them, those involved could hardly believe it.

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“You can keep on putting on the fabulous performances that you put on,” Willoughby said. “Phil and I watching that [the videos] were so moved by the incredible work that you do, because you’re just amazing.”

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