Phillip Schofield said it'll be 'a miracle' if Gemma Collins makes it to 'Dancing On Ice' live shows

Gemma Collins (Credit: PA)

Phillip Schofield doesn’t appear to be holding out a massive amount hope for TOWIE star Gemma Collins on Dancing On Ice.

In fact, the show presenter reckons that if she makes it to the live shows, it’ll be little more than miraculous.

“I think the nation is intrigued to see Gemma! Now we know who she is partnered up with and Matt will be absolutely brilliant with her,” he told The Sun.

“I’ve said it to Gemma, ‘if you make the first show it’ll be a miracle’ and she does seem very committed.

“We all know Gemma for being a bit of a quitter so I’m hoping she’ll be there for that first show. I think she’ll be actually very good!

Phillip Schofield (Credit: Getty)

“I think she is surprisingly good, so I think that would be great to see.”

The quitting Schofield might be referring to is when Collins walked from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here after only three days in 2014.

Schofield went on: “I think the nation is intrigued to see Gemma. I think she’ll be actually very good.

“I think she is surprisingly good – so I think that would be great to see.”

Speaking of her onw chances, Collins has said: “Knowing me I’m going to break my leg, my arms and my back all in one week, but let’s hope I do it in style.

“Everyone thinks I’m the fat joke on the show but whatever’s going to happen in my life, I can do this.

“I can do it. And I’m going to prove every f***er out there wrong. People will be eating their words. That’s how I feel.”

The show, which will also feature stars like Richard Blackwood, Brian McFadden, and James Jordan, starts on January 6 on ITV.

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