Phillip Schofield scolds This Morning guest Suzi Quatro as she fumes over autocue error

Katie Rosseinsky

Phillip Schofield was forced to scold This Morning guest Suzi Quatro after she ranted over her name being incorrectly spelt on the show’s autocue.

As Schofield and his presenting partner introduced the 68-year-old singer as a “musical legend” ahead of her interview with fellow musician David Essex on today’s show, Quatro kicked up a fuss about the mistake live on air.

“My name is spelt wrong,” she told Essex as the cameras panned over to her.

“Her name is spelt wrong!” Schofield repeated, attempting to make light of the situation.

Unimpressed: Quatro seemed furious about the mistake (ITV / This Morning)

“I went nuts… That better not go out on the screen like that,” she continued, apparently unaware that the mix-up could only be seen in the studio – and that her rant was being broadcast to viewers.

“We saw you then, how cross you were,” the presenter responded, adding: “It’s live, Suzi, it’s already gone out but we’ll correct it in a moment, don’t worry.”

“Has it really gone out like that already?” Quatro asked again, prompting Schofield to reply with “Yeah” before quickly switching his response to a more reassuring “No, no, no,” with a knowing look to the camera.

Telling off: Schofield explained to Quatro that she'd made a fuss about nothing (ITV / This Morning)

As he introduced a commercial break, Essex could be seen getting up from the sofa and apparently walking off the set.

When the show returned, Schofield took his guest to task for looking at his autocue unnecessarily, telling Quatro: “If you stopped reading the autocue, no one would know that it was on there!”

“It’s only us that can see it,” he added.

Quatro and Essex were appearing on the show to promote the upcoming Legends Live tour, which also features Les McKeown’s Bay City Rollers and Smokie.

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