Photographer Captures Vibrant Arizona 'Superbloom'

A “superbloom” in Arizona has created a vibrant landscape for locals and tourists alike, with striking wildflowers and bursts of green seen in footage shared to YouTube on March 19.

Wisconsin photographer Cheryl Koval was on a trip to Arizona when she spotted the scene along the North Bush Highway, where many photographers have found large bursts of wildflowers in a setting more usually associated with an arid landscape.

Sharing the footage to YouTube, Koval called the scene “beautiful”, adding that the desert was “in full bloom”.

An “increasingly rare phenomenon”, as National Geographic puts it, superblooms occur when desert landscapes see higher than usual growths of wildflowers following periods of heavy rain.

Substantial levels of rain and snow in recent months made conditions right for this superbloom. Credit: Cheryl Koval via Storyful