Photos of Melania Trump in Asia Visiting GuGu The Giant Panda And The Great Wall Of China

Linley Sanders

First Lady Melania Trump befriended a beloved 240-pound panda named GuGu on her final days in China. 

When President Donald Trump departed Asia, the first lady remained behind to tour the Bejing Zoo and the Great Wall of China. She was reportedly greeted by children waving models of Chinese and American flags and singing. She handed out stuffed eagles to the children at the zoo and posed for pictures near the enclosure of GuGu the Giant Panda, a beloved 17-year-old fixture at the zoo that houses several giant pandas.

GuGu is known for aggressive behavior toward humans who enter his enclosure, including repeatedly biting legs. He's affectionately known as a "panda with attitude," and there is a sign in English and Chinese outside his cage that declares his isolationist status, reading: "I'm a loner and I have teeth that bite." Fewer than 2,000 giant pandas live in the wild in China.

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Melania Trump talks to children in front of a panda section as she visits Beijing Zoo in Beijing. REUTERS/Thomas Peter


Trump was greeted by children singing and waving American and Chinese flags. REUTERS/Thomas Peter


Melania Trump poses with a panda plushie after visiting the panda enclosure at the zoo in Beijing, China. REUTERS/Ng Han Guan

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At the Panda House gift shop, Trump signed a picture of a giant panda, writing, "Thank you to the Beijing Zoo! Wonderful to meet GuGu." Several other first ladies have visited the giant pandas in Bejing, engaging in what is fondly dubbed "panda diplomacy," including Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama.

Trump also toured the Great Wall of China, where she rode a cable car, signed a guestbook for the iconic stop and walked along a stretch of the wall for about half an hour with a small group of aides and security officers, reported The Associated Press. She received a scroll as a gift before leaving China for Alaska, where she will greet troops. POTUS traveled to Vietnam, where he will attend meetings for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation.   

The Trumps visited Japan and South Korea before landing in China. 

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