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The BCCI has decided to make photography compulsory amongst its contracted players to encourage creativity. It has appointed a photo coach who will work closely with the team, and make sure that they click their own pictures before entering the field. When the team chooses to bat, the dressing room has been given standing instructions to shoot every shot being played by the batsmen, failing which charges will be framed for misconduct and indiscipline. These images will then be edited on photoshop, and mailed to the press, for which each Indian cricketer will be paid a princely sum of 50 paisa per photo. Beamer: Camera naam Joker

2012 Yahoo! Cricket Beamer Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of the year when we give away seven awards, to honour the efforts of human beings who managed to hit the ball with the handle of the bat, and ran out batsmen after the ball had been driven down the ground for four. You’ve got the gist of things, go ahead and look at the gallery, and give away your own funny awards in the comments section below. Do us a favour, call it a beamer!

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