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The former chairman of selectors has been approached by the Black Eyed Peas to perform a kacheri at the Madison Square Garden. Also the reporter who was asked to shut up by Cheeka has been given accreditation to cover the event. It is believed that Srikkanth has started training for the musical night, by taking lessons from A.R Rahman, who hasn’t smiled ever since he agreed to be part of the project. To ensure that he finds his voice at the concert, Srikkanth is also following a special diet, consisting of only sun-dried sundal, which he eats after gargling four glasses of garlic rasam. Beamer: Has Cheeka heard of Angulimaal?

2012 Yahoo! Cricket Beamer Awards

Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s that time of the year when we give away seven awards, to honour the efforts of human beings who managed to hit the ball with the handle of the bat, and ran out batsmen after the ball had been driven down the ground for four. You’ve got the gist of things, go ahead and look at the gallery, and give away your own funny awards in the comments section below. Do us a favour, call it a beamer!

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