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3. Shine in your seat
When you meet and talk to people, you spend most of your time sitting. It is very important to give a relaxed impression. Lean back and make yourself comfortable. Don’t fold your hands, it signals that you’re shielding yourself and makes you look closed off.

Four ways to spot liars

7 body language secrets to attract women

It is said, ‘Attraction isn’t a choice’. You can’t force somebody to like you or get attracted to you (unless of course, you are in the possession of some Amortentia i.e. the love potion). But just like fortune, Cupid also favours the brave; so one needs to be ready when the right one comes along. 

The first step of attraction may be physical (looks, voice), but the key factor is surely communication. And only 10% of what we communicate happens through words; the rest is all body language. Getting the body language right goes a long way in making people like you. Here we reveal a few secrets on how to master this language and attract women.