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Worst first date mistake 1: You played hard to get
Your friends might tell you that playing hard to get is the key to securing a guy, but the last time they went on a date was when they were 14. Don’t play hard to get. It will turn your date off and even if they did like you, by the time it’s time to pay the bill they’ll have lost that loving feeling. What to do on your next first date: Don’t act as if you are head-over-heels in love with your date, but do give them signals that you’re interested. Touch their arm gently or look into their eyes for a few seconds and smile. Little hints like this are enough to keep them interested.

7 things not to do on a first date

What were you up to last Saturday? If you were home alone, watching

re-runs of Friends or if you were being slapped outside of a restaurant

after a terrible date, then chances are you’re making one of these seven

worst first date mistakes. Check out this list and find out what you’re

doing wrong and how you can crack the first-date challenge.

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