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Buggy hell! These ants look like they need a change of career from worker ants to circus ants as they perform a series of daredevil tricks. The incredible stunts range from balancing giant seed pods from a Mimosa tree above their heads to dramatically clinging on to each other in diamond formation on a tiny plant. And in an amazing show of strength they even move into different gravity-defying shapes as they carry their food back to the nest for the rest of their hungry ant pals to fill up on. The stunning snaps were taken by keen photographer Eko Adiyanto, 40, who used a special macro technique to get up close and personal with the fascinating creatures (Caters)

Best Animal Pictures Of 2012

From a cheeky sloth gatecrashing a holiday snap to a harmless gannet that transformed itself into a Great White, here is a collection of the most memorable animal pictures of the year.