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This is the hilarious moment a cheeky squirrel shows he's NUTS about photography - when he tries to take his own PICTURE. See NTI story NTISQUIRREL. In the incredible series of snaps, the red squirrel clambers over a tripod-mounted camera to tinker with the controls. Once everything is just right, the adorable creature jumps onto a tree stump and strikes a pose in front of the lens for a cheesy self-portrait. Keen wildlife photographer Dennis Greenwood, 50, captured the amazing shots while his friends were setting up their own equipment. He took the pictures in a garden near Hawes, North Yorks, after he was tipped off about the cheeky visitor. (Credit: Dennis Greenwood / newsteam).

Best Animal Pictures Of 2012

From a cheeky sloth gatecrashing a holiday snap to a harmless gannet that transformed itself into a Great White, here is a collection of the most memorable animal pictures of the year.