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7. South Patagonian Andes. Pictured is the Cerro Torre mountain. The South American mountain range is battered by powerful winds and deafening ales, bitter cold temperatures and never-ending snowfall. The conditions in the mountains are so extreme that no weather stations have ever placed there. (Image Broker/REX)

Where can you find the world's worst weather?

As we Britons start to feel the chill of winter it's all too tempting to have a grumble. But spare a thought for those who have had to experience more inhospitable climes. The journal 'Weatherwise' has analysed multiple locations around the world where extreme weather conditions prevail and it's come up with a definitive list of ten places you'll probably want to avoid. In fact the weather in these ten locations is so awful that it is actually threatening to human life. Puts a nippy night in Northampton into context, doesn't it? Here's the countdown from 10 to 1.

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