‘Phubbing’ with smartphones is now causing marriages to break down

Phubbing can kill relationships experts have warned (Getty)
Phubbing can kill relationships experts have warned (Getty)

‘Phubbing’ your partner isn’t quite as rude (or painful) as it sounds – but it is affecting a lot of relationships in the UK.

The term refers to snubbing your partner to look at your phone (‘phone’ plus ‘snubbing’ equals ‘phubbing’) – and is a relationship killer.

A third of people in relationships in the UK say they have been ‘phubbed’ and it’s worse among the young, with 57% of people aged 25-34 saying it affects their love lives.

Respondents in the survey of 2,000 people said that phones can build mistrust, cause arguments and even lead to infidelity.

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Amanda Rimmer of Stephensons Solicitors LLP, which commissioned the poll said: ‘Some couples now spend more time in bed with their mobile phone than being affectionate with each other.

‘People sleep with their phone, eat with it, play with it and talk to it – it’s almost a relationship itself.

‘We’ve experienced a surge in divorce enquires in the last five years because of phoneaholic partners, with many people citing a partner’s secretive mobile phone behaviour as an indication that the relationship is falling apart.’

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