Picture captures moment two-week-old twins share first cuddle after fears little girl 'wouldn't make it'

The babies were reunited after two weeks apart. (SWNS)

A baby girl who doctors believed "would not make it" has been reunited with her twin brother after they were separated at birth.

The babies were delivered prematurely in an emergency caesarean section on 8 March when Laura Hough was 30 weeks pregnant.

The pair were then separated so they could both receive immediate medical attention, and after two weeks they have now been reunited in their incubator.

Hough, 27, said seeing her twins holding hands for the first time after they were reunited left her in tears and "filled with love".

Laura Hough and Chris Carey thanked the hospital staff, who they said have been "absolutely brilliant".(SWNS)

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Doctors told Hough that baby Neve would likely not survive the pregnancy as she was not getting enough nutrients in the womb due to her placenta deteriorating.

Hough said thinking about potentially losing her baby girl was "terrifying" and that all she could do was think about whether they were going to be OK.

Louie was born at 2.12pm and his little sister was born two minutes later in a separate operation at Liverpool Women's Hospital.

Despite the fears Neve was born healthy and was able to breathe on her own,

She weighed just 1lbs 7oz – the size of a small doll – while Louie weighed just over 3lbs.

Louie’s lung had collapsed during the premature birth, and he had to have treatment to drain the air out.

The pair needed medical attention as soon as they were born. (SWNS)

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Hough, from Liverpool, said: “It was the best day of my life, I’m just made up with them.

“To go from fearing that Neve wouldn’t make it to seeing them both cuddling and holding hands – there are no words.

“When they told me that Neve wasn’t going to make it, I couldn’t think straight.

“It was so difficult and so scary because I was so excited to meet them but I was so worried if they were going to be OK.

“When they were born it was a massive relief, I couldn't have been happier.”

Hough and partner Chris Carey, 33, said it was an "incredibly emotional" day when they were finally able to hold them both.

Hough said it was 'incredibly emotional' when she was finally able to hold both her babies. (SWNS)

Hough said she couldn’t wait to be a mum and that she had been "shocked" when she was told she was going to have twins.

She said: “Holding them both was just great, because it was hard when they were separated as they were in different rooms.

“When we were told they could be in the same incubator, watching them cuddle and holding hands it was so emotional.

“I can’t wait to bring them home.

"It's still surreal to me to say I'm a mum of two. But I am and it's incredible."

The babies will remain under observation at the hospital until Hough’s due date in May, but she said their home is already ready and painted.

The couple thanked the hospital staff, who they said have been "absolutely brilliant".

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