Picture This: Gaz on Jordan Gray who's 'slaying' at Edinburgh Festival

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Southend performer - Jordan Gray. Photo by Gaz De Vere
Southend performer - Jordan Gray. Photo by Gaz De Vere

Photographer Gaz De Vere gets to meet some amazing people in his line of work.

Here he talks about performer Jordan Gray who is currently ‘slaying’ at the Edinburgh Festival with her show Is it a Bird. See www.facebook.com/gazdevere.


By Gaz De Vere

On Sunday evenings at The Alex, Southend’s Jordan Gray could be found at the regular event upstairs where established comics try out material before their tours, DVD shoots and Edinburgh Fringe shows.

The comedian/singer/songwriter from Southend is the winner of Best New Comedian, Panic Awards 2019 and can be seen on BBC, ITV, Sky and Comedy Central.

She is a regular on TV and on stage and she leaves a trail of helpless-with-mirth punters in her wake every time she performs.

Jordan has been doing the odd ten minutes here and there of her new show Is it a Bird for the past year at Little Smash.

Drawing from her experiences as a semi-finalist contestant on The Voice, her obsession with superheroes, bigots and the insanity of double standards, Jordan is currently ripping her way through the Edinburgh Fringe.

She had a 5 star review in The Guardian (Who stated: “Jordan Gray might be the next stage of human evolution”) and a 4.5 star review on thecomicscomic.com website, as well as nightly sell-out shows on her month long stint in the world famous festival.

It is a festival that launched the careers of so many comedy legends such as Dudley Moore, Jeremy Hardy, Jo Brand and Tim Minchin.

The latest exciting news is that Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s production company have commissioned a full series for ITV based on Jordan’s bite-size Comedy Central sitcom Transaction, written by and starring Jordan, and co-starring Frost.

She is killing it up there. Bruised, bloody, grazed and a split lip so far, such is the physicality of her show.

When she comes back from Edinburgh at the end of this month, make sure you get along to a Little Smash show before you won’t be able to get in anymore.

The future isn’t orange. It’s Gray.