"The worst day of my Presidency": The moment Obama was told of the Newtown school massacre

The image of the president was released as the surviving children from the Connecticut shooting returned to school

Arms folded and his eyes closed in grief and solemn reflection, this poignant image shows the exact moment President Obama was told of the Sandy Hook shootings in the White House.

The picture, released by the White House on Thursday, shows Obama being informed of the massacre by a member of staff on December 14.

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President Obama has since described that day, in which 20 children and six adults were shot dead, as 'the worst of my presidency'.

The image of the grief-stricken president was released as the surviving children from the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, returned to school.

Sandy Hook Elementary students leave on a school bus in Newtown, Connecticut on January 3, 2013. Hundreds of US …

Youngsters who escaped the massacre were seen returning to class having been relocated to another school in a nearby town.

As their old school is still a crime scene, more than 400 pupils are now being taught at a school, formerly known as Chalk Hill School, in the neighboring town of Monroe.